Our projects

Hydrogeology and Groundwater Exploration Projects

ND has a significant experience in groundwater exploration projects in Saskatchewan. We have helped a number of clients with licencing their groundwater wells with Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) and obtaining Water Rights Licence (WRL). We conduct all our groundwater investigation projects in accordance with the requirements outlined in WSA Groundwater Approval Process (https://www.wsask.ca/Permits-and-Approvals/Regulatory-Info/Ground-Water-Approval-Process/).

Our tasks on groundwater exploration projects include, but not limited to, water well design, cost estimation, proposal preparation, project management, regional hydrogeological studies, third party water well surveys, stratigraphic drilling, interpretation, instrumentation, aquifer testing, data analyzing and reporting for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency’s (WSA) licencing purpose. Reports included recommendations on Sustainable Well Yield of aquifers.

ND’s key services for typical groundwater well assessment projects include.

  • Conducting regional hydrogeologic assessment.
  • Conducting field verified water well survey.
  • Obtaining water well records from WSA and review of existing published maps to determine the extent of the target aquifer.
  • Assisting and coordinating with the water well drilling contractor in the installation of production and observation water wells.
  • Conducting step drawdown and constant rate pumping tests.
  • Collecting a groundwater sample for testing.
  • Preparing comprehensive water well assessment reports that include evaluation of sustainable well yield (Q20) from water supply well and assessment of potential impacts on surrounding groundwater well users.

Project Examples

  • Two high-capacity irrigation water wells, near Lancer, SK. ND provided the hydrogeological services for all the aspects of the projects and worked closely with WSA during the well licencing process. Well 1 (PW1) licenced at 360 Imperial Gallons per Minute (IGPM). Well 2 (PW2) licenced at 500 IGPM. ND further helped the client with a 14-day constant rate pumping test to understand the long-term impact of cumulative pumping from both PW1 and PW2.
  • New Water Supply Well for a Hutterite Colony, Cando, SK. ND provided the hydrogeological services for all the aspects of the project and assisted the client obtaining Water Rights Licences for the well at 30 IGPM.
  • New Water Supply Well for a small farming community, near Tessier, SK. The new water well was licenced at 50 IGPM.ND provided the hydrogeological services for all the aspects of the project.

Geotechnical Engineering Projects

ND has helped many clients across the province with a wide variety of geotechnical assessment projects. Our projects cover many aspects of geotechnical engineering including geotechnical drilling and instrumentation for buildings and lagoons, site inspections, pile inspection services, and design of deep and shallow foundation systems.

Project Examples

  • ND provided geotechnical consulting services to support the design of a multi-story office tower building in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Five boreholes were drilled to depths of 13.7 m to 20.3 m below grade within the proposed building footprint. Following a soil lab testing program, a comprehensive report was prepared for the client providing foundation design recommendations.
  • ND conducted a geotechnical investigation for a proposed pump house foundation Kenaston, Saskatchewan. Three (3) boreholes were drilled to depths of 10.7 m to 18.6 m below grade at the site.  Following the lab analysis, a comprehensive report was prepared for the client outlining subsurface geological conditions and design considerations.  Recommendations on footing and helical screw piles, construction excavation and permanent groundwater control measures were included in the report.
  • ND conducted a geotechnical investigation for a sewage and livestock lagoon development project for a Hutterite colony near Eatonia Saskatchewan. ND completed a drilling, sampling and groundwater monitoring program at the site to support proposed sewage and livestock lagoon designs. A comprehensive report was prepared in compliance with WSA Sewage Works Design Standard (EPB 503) and Saskatchewan Agricultural (SA) Regulations for Intensive Livestock Operations (ILOs).

Construction Engineering Projects

  • ND provided construction engineering support for a pipeline expansion project near Valemount, BC. As the Resident Geotechnical Engineer (RE) on site, we provided directions to a team of engineers and technicians on their day today activities. Additionally, regular site visits were completed to observe slope failures, buoyancy control requirements, erosion control measures (trench breakers). Construction specifications were regularly reviewed with the contractor to ensure that they are followed. Vibration monitoring for various site activities including blasting, sheet piling, rock hammering was also completed.
  • ND helped a mining client with construction supervision near Bethune, Saskatchewan. ND was responsible for daily project management including supervision of field technicians doing compaction tests, material selection and soil and aggregate testing in the field lab set up.
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