Hydrogeology Services

We offer a full range of hydrogeological services to clients across the province. Our hydrogeological engineering services include, but not necessarily be limited to, groundwater supply feasibility studies, aquifer characterization and vulnerability assessment, groundwater resource exploration and development, aquifer testing, hydrogeological conceptual site model development, wellhead and aquifer protection plan, cumulative groundwater withdrawal effects monitoring, water balance studies, well closure and decommissioning and well re-development and rehabilitation.


Our Key Services

  • Groundwater exploration
  • Potable groundwater supply studies for small communities, including First Nations
  • Groundwater well design, installation, and aquifer testing
  • Dewatering well design and testing
  • Hydrogeological site characterization and stratigraphic mapping
  • Groundwater regulatory compliance
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • In-situ permeability testing (slug, bail down tests etc.)